How to prioritise your happiness

📷 Rikke Hjuler

📷 Rikke Hjuler

Even though happiness is the ultimate life goal for many of us, we often lose track of it in the everyday hustle.

Live in the moment 

Most days we move at a fast pace and don’t enjoy the specific moment. Admittedly, I can go for a walk at the nearby park to wind down for a while, yet spend the moment thinking about stuff I have to do next.  Multitasking has its advantages but definitely also inconveniences. 

 Flexibility is key

How often do you start your day with a defined idea of what to do and go through, however in the evening I often realise that day didn’t turn out the way I initially expected.  I’ve learned the hard way that being resilient has helped me accept life as it comes. It has also opened my eyes to enjoy who or what interrupted my plans and allow me to return to my schedule when possible. 


Remaining calm 

Remaining calm can actually keep your workload down as well as keeping your stress levels low. It takes strength to respond rather than react to people and situations. Keeping calm sounds so easy, but in reality it will test your ability to manage the way you wish to live your life on many levels. But the results of staying calm far outweigh the effort.


Treat yourself well too

You are no good to anyone else if you forget to take care of yourself too. Taking time out to give yourself a break, enjoy a moment in the sunshine, sit quietly, read a book or your favourite magasin, get that haircut you have booked, spend time with a friend is essential and often healing in a busy life. We shouldn’t underestimate the value of  a day off, a good massage, dinner with your loved one, a cup of your favourite tea. If you forget to prioritise it, put schedule it! Not only is it good for you, it’s also good for the people that surround you. 


Slow down. Do Nothing

There’s great value in doing less every now and then.  An hour - or more - where you just lie on the sofa and watch your favourite show on Netflix. Take a nap. Eat late breakfast on your day off. It’ has nothing to do with laziness. It’s crucial to just slow down for a while to quiet your mind and to breathe. 

Your personal happiness should not be determined by others but by yourself. 

When thinking about it, I personally find that true happiness is a state of being content and not so much about all the things that surround us.  When I’m not content, I remind myself to consider why and make a plan to change specific areas in my life. Visa versa, when ai get that happy feeling inside, I remind myself to do more of that.

I wish you all the best 🌱


Enjoy the little things too. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

Enjoy the little things too. 📷 Rikke Hjuler