Copenhagen I’ve missed you

Do you have a particular place that you love a little bit more than elsewhere? A happy place where you feel at home and where you enjoy life the most?

One of my ultimate cherished places is Copenhagen, where I lived for many years before moving to Sweden in 2006. I studied there, fell in love with my hubby there, we got our two oldest children there and we evolved in many aspects there. Best time, really.

But our home in the heart of the city became too small with our expanding family, and after a while we longed for tranquility, space and new adventures. Our house hunt led us to Sweden, where we found a beautiful, quiet home with a little garden with a terrace, where we have spend many wonderful days.

The advantages are many where we live now: the proximity to the park, the sea and the kids’ schools and friends. I couldn’t ask for more and fortunately, the city buzz is only a drive away.

My passion for hygge and cosiness is definitely kept alive in the Swedish surroundings and culture. One of the best things is the Swedish version of five o’clock tea - fika - a nice cup of tea with a cinnamon bun and some fruit at it’s best or just a moment during the day with a cup of coffee to get away from the busy schedules.

The past Summer offered many days with a beautiful blue sky. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

The past Summer offered many days with a beautiful blue sky. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

We’ve managed to keep a strong bond with Copenhagen and Denmark, regardless of our move to Sweden. I love our life in Sweden, and the kids, especially the two youngest ones, get really upset, if we discuss the option to return to Copenhagen at some point. Every time the idea of change is mentioned they repeat that they will never leave the the house, the neighborhood and their friends. Ever.

So I feel we made the right decision when we moved 12 years ago. But some days I miss our old home and surroundings so much.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Copenhagen is not that far away from our home and until this past Spring, I actually commuted to Copenhagen during the week to work, which allowed me to enjoy the best of both worlds. Well, rather the best of both countries, because there’s not much that separate Denmark and Sweden.

When I made the choice to quit my job in June to work independantly with The Cosy Club as well as my translating business, it was such a relief for me, because all of a sudden I didn’t have to think about leaving home early in the morning, but I could start focusing on my own creativity and work.

My businesses have advanced slowly but surely the last couple of months and I feel excited for the time to come. Last week a person in my network contacted me to offer me a position to teach work ethics and customer care in a large Copenhagen based company for a designated period of time - and this is a great opportunity for me to travel on a daily basis to the city. Cannot wait to share pictures and inspirations from the cosiness capital with you. Stay tuned for more!


A little piece of Malmö in the sunshine. 📷 Rikke Hjuler