That hygge feeling


Previously I asked a group of people what hygge ment to them. I have gathered some of the answers below for you to get inspired on your own personal hygge journey.

On a note, the funny thing is that amongst the different descriptions there are a lot of words and references that are similar, but at the same time the persception of hygge is still based on individual feelings and notions. Eventhough you may think that hygge is a Scandi thing, I promise you that it's for you too regardless of your location and who you are. You can shape you hygge moment just the way you wish to.

Sofia: Our summer house is really comfortable and cosy. The house is situated a few steps away from the beach and my grandfather built it many years ago. The living room has big windows with a beautiful sea view and every time I visit, I sit in the big old chair and watch the waves, the sky and all the beautiful colours outside. For a while I tend to forget time. This is my happy place.

Christel: Hygge to me is several things. It’s about being present and calm during a longer period of time. It’s when everything goes slowly.  It’s a space in life filled with laughter, where it’s allowed to be childish. It’s intense and intimate moments. It’s also heart to heart moments with your loved ones.

Anne: I have never really thought about what hygge means to me before, but now that I think about it, it’s so much about presence and intimacy especially with your loved ones. Hygge can also be shared with a group of people that you may not know that well, as it’s kind of an ice breaker, when you start to get to know people. It’s almost always about doing something that enhances the feeling of well-being and boosting the love hormone oxytocin that makes us feel happy and comfortable.

Karl: Hygge to me is not about expensive decor at home or specific branded stuff. It's spending quality time outside with my kids. If the weather is ok after work and school, we often go to the play ground for a while to unwind and have a bit if fun before we go home to prepare dinner. This is definately a cosy moment for me. I see them one week at a time, since I got divorced from their mother last year, so the days that we are together means so much more than it used to.

Jonas: To me hygge is all about spending time at home with my family, especially during the weekends where we don’t have to rush in the mornings to go anywhere. The cosiest thing I can think of is when we make waffles or bake a nice chocolate cake on Sundays.


You can find a cosy moment almost anywhere  


Tea for two