Gratitude is key. 3 things that make me happy.

So much hardship and difficulty surround us on many levels. Even when you try to keep your distance for a while, it only takes a click on the telly remote and you find yourself in the middle of conflicts and war. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe we should ignore the facts or not engage ourselves. On the contrary. But in order to participate in a way that makes sense in your life a balanced approach is beneficiial. It’s a privileged approach, I know. And this is where gratitude plays a role. 

Gratitude is awareness of both little and bigger things in life that potentially make a difference and add joy and sparkle. 

I’ve made it a habit to remember those things with a grateful heart. Sometimes just by thinking about them other times by writing them in a little book of gratitude notes that I have.

At the moment this is my top 3 gratitude list:


Nice breakfast every day. 📷 Rikke Hjuler  

Nice breakfast every day. 📷 Rikke Hjuler  

A great & simple breakfast.

October is on. The Summer holidays are long gone and the routines are kicking in. Even though routines can be boring they also help support ourselves and our close ones.  For my part this becomes evident  in the mornings, when everyone is so busy getting ready for school and work.

In the mornings we get up a little early to eat and drink a bit before showering and getting dressed. Porridge, a cup of warm tea or coffee, yoghurt, fruit and bread. 

The day gets so much better this way.


Bike love. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

Bike love. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

Those important breaks

We need the breaks to restore and boost our energy levels. What you need may vary from time to time. But a moment every now and then is essential. 

For a long time I needed to take a nap when coming home from work. I felt so tired and overwhelmed, especially when the kids were younger and we didn’t sleep well at night. 

Now my breaks often look differently. Love to ride my bike alone or with the kids in the nearby park. Or to go for a walk after dinner. 


At the library. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

At the library. 📷 Rikke Hjuler

Exploring with the kids.

Time passes by so quickly. The people we care about get older, and so do we. I just wish to enjoy our mutual time together as much as possible.

I love exploraing new places and things with the family. Read a book together, watch a movie or cook dinner without too much stress.