Hygge ideas for everyone

Hygge is a really great way to practice gratitude, optimism, and simple, intentional living.
It’s an all year thing, but I become more aware of it’s significance as the days become shorter and the darkness surrounds us in our corner of the world this time of year. 

It’s really not that hard to embrace a bit of cosiness in your life, and it feels soothing and calming once you get it.

Spend a moment together

At my parents house we always had a cup of tea and a little in the afternoon before cooking dinner. These days I try to give my kids the same upbringing even though our schedules are busy. If we don’t make during weekdays, we make something special the weekend. We bake a cake or buy some buns at the bakery for our afternoon tea. It’s a simple way to spend time together. 

Oh yes. Tea time is iPad, phone and screen free time. 




During the dark afternoons and evenings the number one hygge booster is candles. No special occasion is required really. Just light a candle or more when you come home from a busy day. The warm glow creates a beautiful atmosphere and takes over sensation in your heart.


Movie night

Everyone is occupied with their own to-do’s so a mutual activity once week at least is called for. Time with friends or family. Watch a movie together is just one idea. At the cinema if you wish to get out of the house otherwise Netflix’s just  a click away for many of us.  

We like to make some popcorn on Saturdays and watch a program together. The hard thing is to find something that everyone would like to watch, and I admit that I sometimes fall asleep on the couch after a long week, but that’s also part of hygge!